Cecile Infantado, a bubbly, school and an office supply store where she and I first met.

Before: 21-year-old California student Karla was conscious of her unsightly teeth. She shied
away from parties and meeting people.

Before: Malcolm from Melbourne lost his four front
teeth during a rugby game and had partial dentures and discolored teeth.

Sandee and Andrew Masigan After: After a two-hour cosmetic bonding procedure, Karla is all
smiles. and bridge together with cosmetic bonding on his lower teeth, Mal
Her clinics at Dusit Hotel and Sotel Philippine Plaze are of ten lled with oral bouquets and
gifts from delighted patients her about the work she specializes in, Cecile explained, “With
the evolvement of new dental techniques and the latest technol or smaller. Gaps between
teeth are easily xed with this mode and Cecile Infantado on a family trip to Malaysia with her
Rorie Carlos Manzano Garvey
Mia Borromeo and Bob Miller
Pam and Quito Lopez
Hera Geriene, Zelda Kienle and Ria Marmonier the tooth surfaces. It is made to the desired
shape and size and the material is very durable. “
When I attended the opening of her second clinic at Sotel Philip pine Plaza recently, Cecile’s
satised patients and friends attended the blessing and lunch to wish her more luck and more
satised smiles.
Maricris Joaquin and John Evans